Drugie berega / Other Shores: A Bilingual Annotated Translation

Submitted by Jim Buckingham on Sun, 06/16/2019 - 11:13

Attached is but a two-paragraph sampler of Drugie berega / Other Shores.

Wishing all as much enjoyment in reading as I have in translating.


Jim Buckingham


The goal is to translate the entirety of Drugie berega. Truth be told - To tell the Truth - I don't read Russian either. But I do translate Russian, slowly. Each line, each sentence. Checking tenses, cases and usages. A well-thumbed Russian dictionary. Online phrase checking for usages, meanings and context. So call me, "Crazy." Yes, I am academically. But I do love a challenge! This task does rate as one. 

Besides the new content, I am learning so much. Especially in the realm of Russia and its ways and customs - all from translating. Have 20 footnotes already and am just on the third paragraph. If you want, by contacting Dana Dragunoiu, the website moderator, we can can exchange emails and I can give you periodic updates.

Btw, did you know that in Russian there isn't just one word for the color blue? It's either dark blue, siniy (like the sea) or light blue, goluboy (like the sky). Vladimir is merciless as to his description of Mademoiselle. Compared to the Russian text, the English autobiographies are comparatively tame. Example: Mlle. who was "stout" (CE, SM) becomes "huge" and "very fat" in DB.

Best, Jim

Jim, I see you copyright your translation, so you clearly understand the value of copyright. But you cannot undertake and then publish a translation of another's work without copyright permission of the author or his or her representatives. You will need to contact the Wylie Agency, who administer the Nabokov copyrights on behalf of the Vladimir Nabokov Literary Foundation. Those rights have to be protected.

Brian Boyd