Anybody still out there, reading this?

Submitted by Alain Champlain on Wed, 07/10/2019 - 02:44

The forum hasn't exactly been a bastion of healthy conversation lately, but I keep checking in every so often, hoping to find the situation changed.

Is anyone else thinking and doing the same?

(Poor impersonations of Nabokov strongly discouraged.)

Well, I do scroll through the posts from time to time (trying to keep up) and depending on who posted what, read it. I'm not too greatly surprised if it gets way out of hand at times. Someone had just asked for a source for a quotation but I saw it too late and was therefore slow to respond ( I hope that doesn't deter people from posting queries or continuing the discussion.

How about the website, Alain? It is developing, but at a slow pace and will definitely be benefited by meaningful contributions from other members. There are tons of things to be done and discussed.


Dear Alain:

I am surprised by your comment about website inactivity given the number of fascinating posts recently posted by Jim Buckingham, Alexey Sklyarenko, Mary Ross and others. Shakeeb Arzoo has been valiantly filling out the CHARACTERS page on the site. Indeed, I believe there is lots of activity thanks to these hardworking contributors. If you wish to assist in the development of the site, please let me know and I will be grateful for your assistance (there are LOTS of things that remain to be done).

With best wishes,

Dana Dragunoiu, General Editor



Alain, I appreciate your post. I wish there was more discussion on the Forum. Although I thank you, Dana, for including me in your mention of fascinating posts, I am uncomfortable being one of the very few people who do post. I would like to encourage people to post and comment more often,.