Early Russian Wealth

Submitted by zack_yota on Sat, 12/07/2019 - 15:30

I have been compiling research on the Nabokov family's life in the Russian Empire. I've been consulting Brian Boyd heavily, but there are still some gaps I would like to fill -- hoping some of you can help. I'm specifically wondering about the cars. I believe there were five, but I do not know the make and model. Does anyone have access to a photo from that time period with their cars in it? Also when Boyd talks about the 50 servants from VN's childhood, do you think he includes the governess in that number? 

I don't have access to this paper - but the abstract suggests a partial answer. The link here (find in the page -- Nabokov and Automobile Aesthetics).

I don't think Governess should count among the servants. They shouldn't.

I'll keep a heads up for this query and post if I chance by something....