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Despair Redesigned ...

Despair Redesigned

Hi, I’m Louise; I’m here at Big Cat to get some work experience in copywriting. I’ve just finished my second year studying English and Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham. Having only been here for a day or so, I haven’t had a chance to get really stuck in yet. Still, I’ve been flicking through the Creative Review and a particular article caught my attention: Penguin’s upcoming release of the entire backlist of Vladimir Nabokov complete with classical looking covers redesigned by several different illustrators. The use of frames on the covers is interesting; particularly on Despair, where Karlovich’s hands hold the framed title box to partially obscure the protagonist’s supposed Doppelganger. The first print of Despair was also accidentally produced without a border pattern making it somewhat of a collector’s item.

Having read and enjoyed Lolita, I’ve often considered reading some of Nabokov’s lesser-known novels but have usually been deterred by endless University reading lists and deadlines. However, with a long exam-free summer ahead and the release of Penguin’s stunning new covers, an Invitation to a Beheading could be on the cards.

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