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Re: Arion's PF
In November 2006 there was one of those hot chronic debates about whether PF
the poem could stand on its own. As I happen to own a copy of the Arion
Press PF (copy #11, by the way, acquired in 2000 for the amount cited
below), I sent to the N-List scans of the charming oblong booklet containing
the poem. However, the editor asked me compress the files as they were too
large to distribute to the List -actually, barely 1MB. Ironically, nowadays
our inboxes are cluttered with files at least twice as large. Of course, I
neither had the time nor the inclination to compress, constrict, squeeze,
compact, contract, press the files.

A. Bouazza.


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S.Klein forwards item posted by S.J.Gertz): "What remains puzzling about
this is that every Nabokov fan on the planet was likely aware of the Arion
Press first separate edition of 1994 and yet I don't recall headlines
heralding a new Nabokov controversy as a result of its printing. And Hoyem's
essay has been around for thirteen years, plenty of time for Nabokov critics
and scholars to engage in a literary food fight. There

[. . .]

I looked up the Arion edition. 200 copies at $600 apiece. Definitely a
fine press limited edition.

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