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[NABOKOV-L] Carpetoes and Vibgyor
Another PS:
I made a mistake when I mentioned Nabokov's "exclusion of the reds". Unlike B. Boyd ( " Notice - I just have - that Violet and Oranger form the beginning and end of Ada's acrostic spelling of the spectrum: vibgyor,") in his informative preface to Holingbird. I extended the meaning of this color-play (violet/orange) most inadequately. The spectrum begins with V (violet) I (indigo) B (blue)... and ends with O (organge) R (red).

A trap, perhaps?
Take TOoL's special slippers, "carpetoes," tearful Wild bought by the dozen. One may find in this word ( either set in deliberately by VN, or not):
carpet, carping (lamenting), carpe (enjoy!), toes and the bones ...of the hand (carpal and metacarpal bones).

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