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Sue Lyon biography ...

Sue Lyon biography
By richard, Zada News
Sunday January 3rd 2010

Actress driven to stardom thanks to his role as the famous Lolita in Stanley Kubrick’s eponymous film that adapted the controversial book by Vladimir Nabokov. Acquired star status in her debut was not sustained for long, and his promising career collapsed with the passing of the 60s.

Sue Lyon was born on 10 July 1946 in the town of Davenport, Iowa (USA). Was fortunate that that Kubrick, who was looking for a young actress for the role of Lolita, watched the helper (in bikini) on the television program “The Loretta Young Show,” and offered her the post of the teenager who becomes mature and intellectual madman Humbert Humbert, a character played by British actor James Mason.

Although it was larger than the protagonist of the novel as it had for 15 years, Sue accepted the offer of Kubrick and overnight became Hollywood’s morbid sense, achieving also a Golden Globe for Best Actress revelation.

The downside was that the role of Lolita Sue pigeonholed so that was always seen as suggestive teen depraved men much older than her. So, John Huston was given a similar character in the understated but impressive film “Night of the Iguana” (1964). Here the victim was Richard Burton.

In 1964 she married Sue Hampton Fancher, actor who can be seen in the film “Beyond Love” (1962) by Delmer Daves. Later, Fancher was the screenwriter of the Ridley Scott film “Blade Runner”. The marriage lasted less than a year and finally divorced in 1965.

In the last years of the 60s, Lyon was involved in significant films, having worked in John Ford’s last film, Seven Women, “” Little Caesar “(1967) Gordon Douglas Frank Sinatra, or” A fabulous scoundrel “(1967) with George C. Irvin Keshner Scott.

His fortunes changed cinema in the late 70s, sunset and end of his career, performing in several genre films, especially mediocre science fiction titles.

If your life was a failure in the 70s, the sentimental did not fare much better. she married in 1970 with Roland Harrison, a photographer with whom she returned to cause scandal (Harrison was black) and with whom she lived for only one year.

Later she married Cotton Adamson, a prison inmate convicted of murder in Colorado she had met while visiting a friend in prison in that state. The wedding itself was held in prison in 1973. In less than a year they divorced.

Finally, in 1985 found emotional stability telecommunications engineer Richard Rudman, with whom she lived until his recent divorce.

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