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Re: [NABOKV-L] Fw: [NABOKV-L] [Fwd: Re:PF and Parody--response to JF]Stan K-B: ...My opinions on VN/Shade-as-poet have been somewhat swanged (Carrollian blend of sway/change) during the recent exchanges... One might wildly surmise some future Pope seeking revenge on Shade/VN by "correcting" the excessively-bad bits of the PF-cantos?

JM: Swanged opinions? No Froonerisms, then ( according to Nabokov, this is "a combination of a Freudian lapsus lingui and a spoonerism") and Nabokov's ghost is now too busy to stop any future Pope: I just read that the aforesaid ghost has been arguing for another public figure, the American President Obama*.
My searches led me to "Estranhões e Bizarrocos," ( Bigzarre barroques?), while innocently investigating TOoL's reference to a "club tailed butterfly," unhappily metamorphosed into a dragonfly in the Brazilian translation. I'd been looking for images and optional designations for it ( any help from our List's lepidopterologists?), when I found a charming little story for children about young Vladimir waving a butterfly net when a talkative butterfly (she collected collectors) told him how Buddha had created butterflies to bring joy to the wind and not to a young boy's net...The author of this story is José Eduardo Agualusa,an Angolan writer, winner of important international prizes and an admirer of Nabokov.**
But the club tailed specimen still evaded me. In the net, only the writer's name, José Eduardo Agualusa.

* A blog led me to a "Nabokov Sighting," with indications about where this heavenly figure had become manifest in one of Agualusa's books (Cf. : José Eduardo Agualusa ), probably in his "new novel 'Barroco tropical', written in Amsterdam, while living in the residency for writers, a joint initiative by the Dutch Foundation for Litterature and the Foundation for the Production and Translation of Dutch Literature..

** Words Without Borders: Article - An Interview with José Eduardo ...
José Eduardo Agualusa, 46, is a growing name in world literature. .... Is Nabokov more American or European? Fernando Pessoa more English or Portuguese? ... - Estados Unidos

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