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Fw: [NABOKV-L] [NABOKOV-L] From Eros,Sore and Rose (festering
ressentment and "draoncles")
PS to Jerry: your recollection ( Ada's sister, the Artemisia/dracunculi, being Lucette, the sister of another Ada) is amazing. I'd tried to simplify the original allusion (the "rankle/dragon" seemed so concisely elegant and independent) and missed the additional twist. One might suppose the author altered the gender of his characters ( Lucette as an untouchable boy, her half-virginity has always puzzled me and Van's atypical rejection of her).

Nabokov's awareness of the "artemisia-ada" historical relationship and about the "artemisia-dracunculi" connection might have inspired him, secondarily, to name the novel's character, Ada. Nevertheless, in this case "dracunculi" would have deserved a noisier reference. Would LATH's "Iris" offer any confirmation?

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