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Re: SIGHTING: John Shade Sings!
Fulmerford via Google Reader: SIGHTING: John Shade Sings! Recording under the pseudonym John Shade (a name he gleaned from a fictional poet in the Vladimir Nabokov novel “Pale Fire’’), Godowsky has released his debut album, “All You Love Is Need.’’(The rest at The Boston Globe.) The musician's official web site is at

JM: Hey, Juan Martinez... does John Shade then really sing?*

* "To promote “All You Love Is Need,’’ John Shade has been coheadlining a residency at the Armory in Somerville each Thursday in February, and he has enlisted the Neave String Quartet to accompany him, along with bassist Zack Hickman and guitarist Mark Erelli. Ultimately, Godowsky says, “All You Love Is Need’’ is a reflection of who he is and who he isn’t. Hence the nom de plume of a character who may or may not have existed in Nabokov’s novel. “Blurring the line between fiction and reality totally played into what I was doing and how I was writing,’’ he says. “It just felt right artistically. I mean, it would be inaccurate to call this a Dave Godowsky record. The songs are not strictly accounts of events. They’re drawn from real things, but they’re not about things that happened to Dave Godowsky.’’Another person John Shade isn’t, he insists: a record label A&R guy with a vanity project. The suggestion that this might be the perception stings him."

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