NABOKV-L post 0019406, Sat, 13 Feb 2010 19:11:27 -0200

[NABOKOV-L] Fleshy poisons in ADA's Yew
Playing with Van Veen's specious poison (the poisoned point of Ardis. Arrowhead Manor. Le Château de la Flèche, Flesh Hall.) which is inflicted by his fleshy "sting" or by the effect of an "extract of scarlet aril, the flesh of yew, just only yew. Je réalise, as your sweet Cinderella de Torf (now Madame Trofim Fartukov) used to say, that I'm being coy and obscene".
Actually, from the wiki I gathered that the only non-poisonous part of the yew is its ruby aril, but we're now, thru ADA, in the coils of a metaphoronimic viper.
The image of the small seed is suggestive of Ada's meaning, but only in part.

Peaty Cinderella de Torf (Mme Trofim) is unrelated to "Aqua Tofana", I suppose, but linked to venereal diseases.

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