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With Simon Haynes' freeware, Nabokov could have sat down ...

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Tweeting Lolita
With Simon Haynes' freeware, Nabokov could have sat down.
Thursday, April 08, 2010
By James Heflin

Vladimir Nabokov wrote standing up. He also composed entire novels on notecards he stored in shoe boxes. It's hard to imagine how he ever managed to construct a coherent piece of prose, let alone masterworks that weren't even in his native tongue.

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All this raises questions, of course—how does such technology change the end result? Are novels the product of many more revisions than they were in the days of ink ribbons? Have our brains grown less accustomed to baking an idea until it rises? How long will it be until someone writes a novel of Tweets? Is that a bad thing?

Because after all, Nabokov, with his preference for note cards, would have been a natural.

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