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black-and-white portrait of Vladimir Nabokov ...

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Founded in 1998, the site features portraits of people’s favorite author or literary character. The central figure depicts Oscar Wilde and The Thing, a Fantastic Four character whose motto is “it’s clobberin’ time.” The dapper dandy and the hulking figure, whose skin is comprised of rocky crags, are an unlikely pair. In one drawing, Wilde pushes up his sleeves, revealing a surprisingly well-developed bicep, as The Thing informs him that “it’s clobberin’ time.” Dozens of artists contribute images, created in a variety of genres.

Among the subjects are Flannery O’ Connor with cat-eye glasses and purple-tinged hair, created by Jesse Ham, a cartoonist and illustrator in Portland. Tony Salmons drew a black-and-white portrait of Vladimir Nabokov, the Russian novelist whose works include the 1955 novel Lolita. Nabokov is depicted holding a butterfly net beside a young girl butterfly. Comic book artist Jeffrey Brown submitted a portrait of a weathered Albert Camus, cigarette dangling from his lips, heavy creases in every corner of his face. The French Algerian author is most famous for his novel The Stranger, published in 1942.

Ryan Cody’s Carrie, from Stephen King’s novel of that title, walks way from the carnage of the school’s auditorium—smoke billowing from the doors, blood dripping from her head. Falstaff from Shakespeare’s Henry IV makes an appearance. A droopy-eyed pink-nosed caricature of C.S. Lewis follows Falstaff directly. Kevin Sylvester draws Thomas Hardy holding a wine glass in one hand and a skull behind his back. Hunter S. Thompson, clearly in the throes of a drug trip and wearing his trademark visor, glasses and cigarette holder, jauntily carries a typewriter.

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