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Re: reading ADA anagramatically
A.S: Thanks for telling me about the cognac Bras d'Or. ..Libra: if mirrored (say, in the clear waters of the Mediterranian), the Latin letter L turns into the Cyrrilic letter Г (corresponding to the Latin G) [...]There are more anagrams in ADA and in the books to which there are allusions in ADA than it can seem. No one, except Nabokov, seems to have noticed that Yashvin (Vronsky's friend in "Anna Karenina") = vishnya (Russian for "cherry")[ ...]As to your suggestion that I accept British pounds, I can accept everything, even Mongolian tugriks... It will be a pity if I have to abandon the Nabokov studies because of financial reasons.

JM: Language has its mysterious workings and you are able to explore them to their full measure...

Today ( after receiving two off-list queries on what I meant by "dic-droppings" or "uneveil and reveal"*) I started-off again in a fantasy verbal word -deprived of your discipline and special talents, I must confess.

VN once, in Ada, punned with the French on egg-laying (pondre) and wrote: "Ponder the egg". Ponder, indeed. Actually, "ponder" has a lot of unfolding links to "pound" ( libra) if we associate weight, measurements and balance= ponderation.

The British pound is represented by L ( I don't have an option for this sign in my board)...
Fun to learn how, in "exchange", it turns upside down or becomes a G. Besides, Labrador and Labour party are laboriously elaborate enough...
I wonder, now, about Fet's labial labradores in the insect world. Do they earn their full labor-rights?

About "dic-droppings" and Stan's advice ( " Remember the vital importance of _absent_ clues " **), there's another coincidence: a friend sent me excerpts of an interview with movie-director-producer Pedro Almodóvar where he reminisced about his childhood in the Castille ( La Mancha). His grandmother used to read the letters her illiterate land-tilling peasants*** had received. She inserted news and reminiscences that had not been written down. She wanted to make the listener happy by inserting fictional (fictional by not being written down in the letter, but that did happen in the listener's long past) good things about a lost mother or absent son ****.


* For C.Kunin: "reveal" may lead to "veil" (unveil), the cover that shy Truth needs to wake up arise in our Terran world.
There are associative dangers. Stan knows everything about these. "Veils" and "candles" are probably dependent of the same sounds (vigil, reveil, awakening, the candles placed around a dead person in a wake).
**-btw: I hope the connection (I merely hinted at) bt. Zemblan "sculpural coramens" and the Greek "skoramis" could be discerned in my note?
*** - "lavoura" (crop) and "palavra" (word) are connected! Pah! Lavra! Palaver..

****Almodóvar (in Portuguese, here)" Minha mãe preenchia as frestas das cartas - e lia para as vizinhas aquilo que elas desejariam escutar.
E foi assim que, sem o saber, foi minha mãe quem me ensinou a diferença entre a ficção, a mentira e a realidade; e me mostrou como a realidade precisa da ficção (que não é o mesmo que 'mentira' para ser mais completa, mais agradável e mais fácil de ser vivida.” ie: "Mother filled in the chinks bt. words in a letter - she read what they wanted to hear. In that way, unkowingly, my mother taught me the difference between fiction, lie and reality and she let me learn how reality need fiction ( which is not the same as a "lie" but fills in life and makes turns it into something easier to endure." In relation to this subject also Siri Hustvedt's novel ( she is married to Paul Auster) was brought in "O que não se pode saber por cartas é o que o outro está omitindo. Toda correspondência é crivada de perfurações invisíveis, pequenos buracos deixados pelo que não foi escrito, mas que às vezes foi pensado" ( in a kind of automatic translation:" what one cannot learn from a letter is that which the other is hiding by omission. Every mail-exchange is pierced by invisible marks, little holes left out by what has not been written down but was present in the mind").

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