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Re: de fencing lessons]
SK-B ( to Jansy): PS to my "sans" sermon: As kids we sang...There is a green hill far away, without a city wall/ Where our dear Lord was crucified, he died to save us all.Can you spot the parsing challenge?... This "without" is NOT a "sans." [...] You say Freud never used the word Thanatos in his works. But, it does appear often in the Greek translations of his vast corpus. A pretty pair-o'-ducks ;=)"

JM: Barmen and Carmen and hell's belles and balls: one-two (sans three)... seven postings in all!
And good for you, Stan. You are absolutely right, the word Thanatus must needs shine without in any future Greek translation of the freudian vast corpus*

I had to google "a pretty pair of ducks", though - and here's what I found: "A pair of ducks, which stand for both a premiere ranking, and happiness in marriage because ducks mate for life, portrayed in mother of pearl..."
A "muderperl"!!! So you did imply a pair of iridulean geese**?
Are you keeping intact your nephelibacy or still nubile in "blue inenubilable Zembla? (See, SB, how one can worm in Kinbote? And Zembla, of course.)

* btw: Speaking of incorporation, Kinbote, in a preterist mood, thought he'd found an incorporated Zemblan counterpart of the Elder Edda (line 79): "The wise at nightfall praise the day,/ The wife when she has passed away,/ The ice when it is crossed, the bride/ When tumbled, and the horse when tried."
Unfortunately I couldn't find the missing link in note and quote.

** - Iridule: "an iridescent cloudlet, Zemblan muderperlwelk"

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