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Just to add some information available online indicating the "countless
anonymous archivarians and librarians" who D.E.Zimmer enlisted and adding to
the Berg collection the name of another recipient of items: the Nabokov
Museum in St. Petersburg.

Vladimir Nabokov: The Interviews - by Dieter E. Zimmer
(1994 - 2008)

THIS IS a list of all of Vladimir Nabokov's interviews collected by me over
the past twenty years. As it is far from perfect and manifestly not
complete, it so far has remained unpublished. Realizing, however, that by
its very nature it can never be finished, I here make it available as it is
to everyone interested. Complete sets of xeroxes, videotapes etc. of the
more than one hundred interviews I ever had in my possession have been
donated to the Berg Collection of the New York Public Library and to the
Nabokov Museum in St. Petersburg [ ] Strong Opinions, Andrew Field's and
Michael Juliar's bibliography used as their basis of reference the interview
manuscripts as found in the Nabokov archive at the New York Public Library,
Berg Collection. This list, while incorporating the material "at the Berg,"
uses as basis the interviews as they were published in the different media.
In many instances, the published interviews differ in minor ways from
Nabokov's notes for them; at least one is a completely different matter./
In case of the uncollected interviews, the list gives brief
characterizations. For reasons of copyright I have to omit the quotes I had
intended. However, I do quote Nabokov's written comments on the interviews
if such could be found, if only to warn future researchers that Nabokov had
reservations about the proposed or published interview.[ ] I want to
express my gratitude to Dmitri Nabokov who authorized me to work at the Berg
Collection, to Michael Juliar who managed to find the texts of three
interviews for me which I had already despaired of ever finding, to Brian
Boyd who sent me the interview from Sports Illustrated which all the
American libraries where I searched by some accident did not have, to
curator Stephen Crook at the Berg Collection - and to countless anonymous
archivarians and librarians of several countries who aided me in my search.

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