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Re: Tribute from a (very) buff Orpington
C.Kunin's Nabokovian romp... began this anniversary morning with a charming [...] ramble on one of our favorite topics, "the egg and ....". Let me see, it all began with Carolyn asking Jansy if by "Eysenstein" in a recent posting she didn't really mean "Eyestein." ...Which finally leads us to the question: If Pnin was written in 1957 was the name of the restaurant a coincidence? Little Childe, :> (her sign) a buff Orpington hen residing and striding in Pasadena

Jansy: I usually cut off superfluous items before answering a posting but Little Childe stepping out in Pasadena was too irresistible.
Erewhon's Samuel Butler once observed "a hen is only an egg's way of making another egg.", but I'm sure Carolyn will disagree with his assessment... So, let's make Little Childe endure!

Here comes another quick note, which has escaped the chronology of CK's and JM's exchanges, to answer CK's query.

Brian Boyd wrote (notes in The Library of America edition): Cf. "The Egg and I," film ( 1949, from Betty McDonald's novel) directed by Chester Erskine; between 1949 and 1957 it was followed by nine popular films featuring its characters Ma and Pa Kettle.

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