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Through the Charlotte Haze ...
Sandy Klein included the cover from the magazine together with the excerpts and address. Lovely idea: a worker stopping to watch a high-flying butterfly.

Btw: The references in "ADA" to ancient lands ( Babylon, Caria and Ada, Assyria, Persia) is linked to assorted and not necessarily connects items which might be more important than the historical or geografical references. Richard Burton's translations and Fitzgerald's, for example. There are orchids with ADA as a part of their names (spotted oncyds, I think), and even butterflies... Persian blue, or a "Nilotic" blue are sinesthetic additions, who knows?

CK posed a question concerning the image of an antique clock-work gardener, inquired: Is there a story behind this image?
JM: I have no other idea besides the already discussed automatons and gardeners in VN. Jerry reminded me that Shade's toy must have looked quite different from this toy since Shade's gardener was two-dimensional, perhaps a printed image on two tin-foil sheets pressed together. In the antique toy, its engine was inserted inside the wheel-barrow, therefore it pulled the gardener, not the other way around.
I have no idea how Shade's would have operated.

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