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first para graph of V ladimir Na bokov’s “L olita” ...

Goings On About Town
Above and Beyond
May 25, 2009

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The Universal Record Database, a Web site that is to the Guinness World Records as Wikipedia is to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, bills itself as the “definitive site for human achievement.” This means there’s finally a place, at least online, for people who aspire to achieve such distinctions as “Longest Suspension of Tape Measure While Standing on One Foot” and “Slowest Consumption of a Bowl of Cereal.” (The records, by the way, are a hundred and forty-four inches and twenty minutes and 24.09 seconds, respectively.) Once a month, the site (which is open to all) gives such people a chance at greater recognition, during a party in which records are set before a live audience. On May 20, starting at 8, attempts will be made to knit the longest scarf in two hours, to deliver the most knock-knock jokes in one minute, and to perform the fastest recital of the first paragraph of Vladimir Nabokov’s “Lolita” while doing a backbend. (Crash Mansion, 199 Bowery, at Spring St. For more information, visit

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