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THOUGHTS: PF and poetic pastiches in novel form (Byatt's

JM: Vargas has loaded her novel with alexandrines incessantly recited by a policeman, Veyrenc who [...] expresses his feelings and thoughts in heroic couplets, [...] often with comic effect[...] Veyrenc's compulsion allows Fred Vargas to explore her talents in seventeenth-century verse and get them published as an integral part of the novel.
Tom Rymour: There's an interesting blog by Sam Jordison [...] all about AS Byatt's Victorian pastiche verses in "Possession". Was her hero intended to be one squelchy footstep behind Browning's goloshes -- or was she giving it all she'd got? The debate rages...

JM: One squelchy footstep late her hero came, into the crackling ooze of mud and slime: he was too near the frosty swamp of verse insane - counting his digits and toes to keep in time?
The debate rages...

btw: A VN sighting in Portuguese: ( loosely related to poetry and selling tactis)

A selection of ten symptoms of "bookaholism" was profered, following an article by Graeme Neill on book trade (June3,2009) and 'Bookaholism' [ click on estimular ]: "Exploring how best to use the cross-industry "bookaholic" concept, including determining a launch date, defining its creative guidelines and how to widen its reach, are among the immediate challenges facing the Booksellers Association and Publishers Association [...] Marketing consultant Damian Horner said that the campaign was at a "very early stage" and a strapline for the concept had yet to be hammered out. [...] The chosen route was one with "a lot of momentum behind it", Horner said. "It's cheeky, fun and memorable." [...]
He described its flexibility as one of its strengths saying that poetry, for example, could be sold with "fancy a line of Coleridge".

From the list of ten I selected two "symptoms" - since in one of them Nabokov was mentioned:
1. O bibliólico, como depõe Assouline, jamais sai de casa sem ter alguma coisa para ler[...] ( As stated by Assouline, the bookaholic never leaves home without carrying something to read en route)
5. O bibliólico é um ótimo negociante. Não pode ver uma oferta. Eu mesmo já comprei três exemplares de um mesmo livro de Nabokov. Um de cada vez, pensando que não tinha comprado antes. Só pelo bom preço. Ah, sim: até hoje não o li. (The bookaholic is a good merchant. He cannot resist a sale. I once bought three copies of the same novel by Nabokov because the price was good. Ah, I have yet to read him.)

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