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Lolita has been made famous by Vladimar Nabokov's book ...

Lolita directed by Stanley Kubrick

Lolita still capture. Warner Brothers
The word Lolita has been made famous by Vladimar Nabokov's book about a young girl who seduces her much older admirer. The word Lolita has become to be known as a "seductive little girl". But its real meaning in Spanish means "sorrows", from the word Lola or Little Lola.

The film Lolita is about a middle aged college professor who becomes infatuated with a 14 year old sexually charged girl Dolores Haze also known as Lolita.

Director Stanley Kubrick's went against the grain in 1962 with his film version of the shocking book. James Mason stars as Humbert who is uncontrollably attracted to jail bait teen Lolita. Mason knows no good can come of his pursuit, but he doesn't care. He continues with his desire despite the overwhelming reasons to stop. Peter Sellers costars as Mason's nemesis, Clare Quilty, successful playwright and amoral playboy.

The actress who played Lolita, Sue Lyon, was fourteen at the time of filming. Its interesting that she was chosen for the size of her breasts, because the censors of the time considered underdeveloped teenagers more wrong for pedophilia than one with larger more breasts.

Lolita is something true in the scenario. The dirty minds of older folks going after an impressionable young adult who doesn't know any better. Or is it the dirty minds of younger folks going after the more mature people in their lives? In reality, sometimes it works. Look at Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.

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Author: Danny Derakhshan

Danny Derakhshan is an Examiner from San Jose.

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