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Re: VN SIGHTING? "Morrie and the Grand Potato"

EDNOTE. Tom sends this story, recently published on Although it's long, it features various sightings of VN, as the title might suggest
Cf. "Morrie and the Grand Potato" by Tom Rymour...

JM: More than sightings, we take a fantastic tour through a digital Hereafter, there's no IPH and potato about it! ( Chance, like love, is only an illusion!). A young Russian chap in sub prime, Sirin, belongs to the birthday-club gang, with Racine, Shakespeare and Cervantes, but he is also driven about by Véra and visited by Dolly Schiller ( who was created right in Sub Prime)
What about Lolita: why didn't she transfer? Was it a Nabokovian censorship that which relegated her to remain in sub-sub?
I hope there are more chapters to follow with Morrie's three wives in action.

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