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Re: Fw: [NABOKOV-L] On plums and Bend Sinister,PS
A.Stadlen [If the lines on "to borrow and to borrow" do come from "Lolita"] They certainly do. It is Quilty talking to Humbert during their final confrontation.

JM: Thanks for the clarification... Indeed...Clare Quilty! A name as ambiguous as Vivian Darkbloom.

And didn't Lolita know that! ( as in: "Sometimes," said Lo, "you are quite revoltingly dumb. First, Vivian is the male author, the gal author is Clare; and second, she is forty, married and has Negro blood.")
Vivian Darkbloom is female only in "Lolita", I think.

Now my present puzzle is Sybil Shade's reversions from English into French or, outside the novel, from French into English.

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