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Re: L N G of Q
C.Kunin sent a chienerel written in 1800 about poor Ellen Gee (a rather cruel way to refer to deathly B-stings) addressed to "Ye nymphs of Q, then shun each B./.../ She's cold as cold can B/.../ Whilst robins sing upon A U/ Her dirge and L E G...

To adhere to the spirit, following a suggestion of Fran Assa ( who recommended Huxley's 1923 "Antic Hay" - in relation to beavers, beards and escapism), I'll copy down a relevant quote, although Kinbote's was a rich brown, not golden:

...'This beard' - he pointed to the blond fan - 'why, may I ask?'
'More Russianism,' said Mr. Mercaptan...

'Christlike is my behavior,
Like every good believer,
I imitate the Saviour,
And cultivate a beaver.'

and Castor fibers abound in ch.4 amidst a lot of bad celebratory verse.

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