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Vladimir N abokov\\udc92s c ollection of bu tterf ly genital ia ...
Sandy Klein:
...Among the treasures hidden from sight at Harvard’s Museum of Natural History are the world’s biggest egg, Stephen Jay Gould’s seashells and Vladimir Nabokov’s collection of butterfly genitalia [...].“Vladimir Nabokov ... writes in his autobiography about finding a gynandromorph as a young boy, and then his nanny sat on it. He was very pleased that Harvard had one in its collection.”

JM: When Nabokov writes about the crushed gynandromorph he also focuses on one of his favorite books at that time. I cannot remember if it was (somewhat fittingly) Melville, H.G.Wells or another writer. Does anyone remember? I'm not sure it is mentioned in the Mademoiselle chapter in SM. The overall impression I got was that, in his mind, the associated author was equally spoilt.

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