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Re: [NABOKOV-L] [TANGENTIAL NABOKOV] Anton Chekhov and synesthesia
Off List, in relation to the quote from Chekhov's story "At Home" ["in his mind, sound was intimately connected with form and colour, so that in painting letters he invariably coloured the sound L, yellow; M, red; A, black, and so forth" :Anton Chekhov - Selected Stories, by J.Andrew, Wordsworth Classics, pages 21-24], I was informed that it "might have been VN's first notice of synaesthesia in print. Intriguing."

More information:
"At Home" was first published as "Doma" in New Times ( 7 March, 1887), later in the collection "In the Dusk", published in St.Petersburg in 1887 and, later, in various other collections.
(It was praised by Tolstoy, who "considered it to be one of Chekhov's best", following J.Andrew's footnote n.4).

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