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Re: "Lolita" review ...
A. Stadlen [to JM: Flabby, helpless old man? I always thought Humbert was in his forties]
Humbert was 36 or 37 when he met the 12-year-old Lolita. He is not even the "middle-aged" man he is usually said, by careless readers, to be. Their ages are almost the same as those of Herr K. and Dora in Freud's case study.

JM: You mean that Lolita and HH had the same difference in age as the one bt. Freud's famous "Herr K and Dora", I suppose? Recently, once gain but now in Brazil, there was an article about a fabulously rich doctor in Bahia state who bought virgins from poor parents to deflower them ( two thousand virgins, give or take one). He had more than twenty children out of wedlock, two of them later to become their lovers, as also the children they bore incestuously ( we'd get a father that is grandfather, uncle, cousin or brother at the same time, or something in that line).
Like one of HH's wildest dreams of engendering a litter of Lolitas (one of the most shocking parts of "Lolita", as I see it).
His name was Antonio Luciano Brandão and, in an interview, he compared his incestuous yearnings to what can be found in the animal kingdom: "Birds have no father, only a mother".
( found at: ) I wonder if Humbert Humbert saw himself in the same light, ie, as not really belonging to the regular "human kind". Or, curiously enough, placing "his mother" in a special category.

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