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Re: Nabokov and Jules Verne
A.Sklyarenko: [do women ever receive antlers, horns, crowns etc. when husbands cuckold them?] "Indeed...Apparently, they do not. At least, Dolly Oblonsky (the namesake of Aqua's and Marina's mother), Steve Oblonsky's poor betrayed wife, doesn't seem to have... any antlers."

JM: Quite. I was belatedly unhappy with my example, concerning Bloom's sexual fantasies with Gerty, as implying in a betrayal. Next, I was also dissatisfied with the supposition that women could be similarly marked by their husband's unfaithfulness. In "Ada" Van's attitude towards Cordula is very much a "male thing," for his intention is one of defiling another's man "property" (and of fighting to protect his own, as you mentioned in relation to Pushkin). A woman's honor, in this light, doesn't count.
btw: Lucette's ancestry, from all I can gather, remains unknown.

VN's poem "The Swift" appears in "The Gift", does it not? Can anyone indicate the page where it was printed, or copy its translation into English for the List?

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