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Re: Gogol & Nabokov
It is. Here is a relevant quote:

" wonder that the artist, in a last blinding flash of artistic truth,
burnt the end of *Dead Souls* he crouched and sobbed in front of that
stove ('Where?', queries my publisher. In Moscow), an artist was destroying
the labor of long years because he had finally realized that the completed
book was untrue to his genius." Pages 137-138 of *Nikolai Gogol*.

On Tue, Nov 24, 2009 at 10:00 PM, Robert H. Boyle

> I do not have my copy of VN's study of Gogol at hand and some years have
> passed since I last read it, and so I pose this question:
> Is VN's discussion of Gogol burning the second part of Dead
> Souls before he died in any way relevant to DM's decision to publish TOoL
> despite his father's wish that it be burned?
> RHB .
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