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[NABOKOV-L] Sighting: 1977 Obituary ( "VEJA" magazine )
Claudio Soares sent this link: obituário de VN publicado pela Revista Veja em 13 de julho de 1977.

Here is part of the article (which can be examined in full at the Veja address). VN's obituary note brings up controversial issues,presenting Vladimir Nabokov as a "great minor ficcionist," "a second team writer", who wrote "creative English."
His achievements lay in "creating characters that symbolized collective representations - above all the mythological Lolita..."
We also read that "it was the scandalous success of this novel that saved Nabokov from remaining anonymous and which transformed him into a controversial,rich and famous author. Establishing Humbert Humbert as an anti-hero and treating his subject with compassion, VN foresaw the winds of literary upheavals..."

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