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SB (present ED): Happy New Year everyone! [...] Thank you, my co-editor!
JM: Yes!

Sergei Soloviev:... what is the relationship of this "Index Librorum Prohibitorum" published in English by [Henry Spencer Ashbee] to the Index published by Roman Church?
JM: A good parallel, but their consequences followed diverging paths ...
I don't think that the English Index led to the burning of books and people, inspite of several "burning" issues related to "what is art and what is moral" (they all refer us, like the Church's index, to matters of faith and its personal, economic or political applications ).
I read about new laws related to prostitution and pedophilia in Norway: I understand Norwegian citizens are now terminantly forbidden to pay to get sex, either at home or abroad. Out-of-job girls and madames are offered a choice: to mend their ways or to move out.
Along this line of reasoning it seems to me that no one should be able to legally buy, ie, pay for, to obtain "banned books" and yet, isn't this what happens ( fortunately, in most cases) all the time? ( besides, how are we to define "prostitution" when focusing solely on "economic exchanges"?) I'm boggled.

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