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[ NABOKOV-L] Mesdames et messieurs - a PS, if I may?
Fran, there is one point that confirms Couturier's exciting discovery related to madames and Mrs. Haze, but I only noticed it now. The name Charlotte hides "harlot" cocconed by a C and a T.

Mary Lore's father ( lore:folk-legends...) dreamed of "Oloron, Lagore, Rolas" and this play with his name carries us to Ada's "ladore" and to scrabble with Baron Adam von Librikov (another anagram), then introduced as Jupiter Olorinus ( later we visit him again in the mural with Leda and the Three Swanns hotel).
HH compares his rival to a "roly-poly Romeo" and, who knows ( Alexey might), the rolling "r" (singular, of course) might indicate a new thread spun in a novel way...

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