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Re: Doc Datamancer via Humbert Humbird ...
S.Klein: on
" allusions to the works of Vladimir Nabokov[...]Instead, Mr. Brownlee gives us a revealing insight into his writing process...[W]riting is not about randomly shaking up a tray of letters in one's head and plucking words from the alphabetical mnemonic slurry... "

JM: Who is Humbert Humbird?

A.Stadlen [ about: on France 2 TV Bernard-Henri Lévy said that Nabokov always said that one can judge a man by the way he speaks] "Nabokov ALWAYS said this? How would one reconcile this with Nabokov's written assertion:'I think like a genius, I write like a distinguished author, and I speak like a child'?"
S. Soloviev: In France BHL (Bernard-Henri Lévy ) is a rather notorious personage. Probably he sees himself as a great philosopher[...]he is eager to mix up with every theme "a la mode"[...]but as far as I know more serious people do not consider his declarations as fiable, everything he says has to be checked at least twice - if it is of any relevance at all.

JM: A great point, AS! In the context, it's also quite funny - just as SS's "philosopher a la mode" description.

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