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Author Azar Nafisi reveals dark family secrets in new memoir

Author Azar Nafisi wrote Things I've Been Silent About.


In her bestselling book Reading Lolita in Tehran, Azar Nafisi writes of a beloved friend and advisor who tells her, ``Lady, we do not need your truths but your fiction -- if you're any good, perhaps you can trickle in some sort of truth, but spare us your real feelings.''

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Right now, though, Nafisi is reveling in a new role: that of U.S. citizen. Myriad crises -- economic disasters, wars on two fronts -- make this an odd time to become an American, but Nafisi sees things differently.

``Nabokov would talk about life being planned by this Grand Planner, and I find it interesting that just as I became a citizen, I finished the book. But I feel I'm fortunate, because you have to go through a crisis in order to change. Hope is based on crisis. When things are not going well, you start questioning. I'm glad to be part of the crisis.''

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