NABOKV-L post 0017757, Fri, 27 Feb 2009 07:38:40 -0300

Re: THOUGHTS: Derzhavin's Acrostic]
D.N: "Accidential acrostrich", whether sharp, flat, honored, read, or ruined must have been doubtful nightingale even to Derzhavin's ear.
Stan Kelly-Bootle: "Dmitri Tushé! On nas pogubit! (He'll be the ruin of us!)"
C.Kunin: Doubtful Nightingale - - nice title, Dmitri. But I don't get the joke - - it is a joke isn't it?...

JM: Carolyn, it looks like Stan K-B discerned something when he sent Kudos to DN... but it is all Greek to me.
The only distant element to add to your puzzle is that ruined Sebastian Knight's lapidary novel was titled "The doubtful asphodel".

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