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Re: P...F proof?
Tim Henderson: What about the fourth person posited by William Dowling [...] The short story is that there's no other explanation for this passage, which has parenthetical injections from many characters and research that Kinbote claims he was unable to do.
He began with the day's copy of The New York Times. His lips moving like wrestling worms, he read about all kinds of things[...] I confess it has been a wonderful game--this looking up in the WUL of various ephemerides over the shadow of a padded shoulder.The full screed: To me this suggests, convincingly, that an author-character has deliberately invaded his own creation at this point... I think there's a clearer and more literal interpretation -- K=K, S=S, G = figment of K's imagination.

JM: Is the fourth person (and padded shoulder) really necessary to make us conclude G=figment of K's imagination (although Jack Grey, not J.Gradus, was no figment, but an insane flesh and blood killer?)
btw: the external aspect of your transcription,as it reached my screen, suggests it was Kinbote whose lips moved like wrestling worms.

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