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Fwd: Lolita Paradox

SKB: Lolita lurking in a 1940s Abbot[t?] & Costello sketch, caught on a WW2 movie-rerun TV last night[...] C is bemoaning the fact that he is 40 years old but his “girl friend” is only 10 (Nymphet is not in use then?) Abbot tells C not to worry about the age difference:You’re now 4 times her age (L Carroll might say “Frice!”) , but in 5 years time the ratio will be reduced to 3 (45/15). And in 20 years’ time, incroyable, C is only twice as old (60/30). Abbot then consoles C that if he waits long enough, he’ll be the same age as his beloved. C says “How dumb! She won’t wait for me that long!”

JM: Two associated reminders
(1) one of the Marx brothers, on "Lolita", mentioned his plan to let the book wait in a drawer for a few years, until the nymphet turned older;
(2) One of Schulze's "Peanuts" characters, perhaps Charlie Brown, consoles his friend who is in love with a girl that is three years younger than he is (say he is 6 and Sally is 3): "Don't you worry about that! The difference will be slight after you turn 96, because she will then be 93." ( the original caption is funnier). There might even be a mathematical formula to distinguish abnormal interests in girls that are half one's age...
And what about Fitzgerald's "Benjamin Button" (movie version)?

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