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Magritte and Pale Fire
Dear List,
While researching after Magritte's La Golconda, I came accross several paintings of his that are surrealistically suggestive of a mood in Pale Fire: the shattered windowpane with reflected and actual landscape; flying birds by day and by night; check mates; preterist and therapists; Boticelli's Flora/Spring in "Gradus"... So, here they are to compensate for my mistaken umbrella ( it went on holidays with Hegel ) in the Golconda reproduction...Enjoy.

1. L'Oiseau bleu; 2.Le Printemps; 3. La Clef des Champs;4. Les Mois des Vendanges; 5. Le Thérapeute;6.Le Bouquet tout fait; 7. Les Vacances de Hegel; 8. Echec et Mat; 9. Echec et Mat; 10. The blue bird

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