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[NABOKOV-L] [Query] Aleister Crowley/Cammell/numbers
In the NABOKOV-L-archives there are many comments on the mirror-image (or inversion) of 999, viz "the numerologist's gematric obsessive 666, and whether this influenced VN's choice of lines, knowing that VN would be skeptical of the mad-crank excesses stirred by the Book of Revelation.", including Donald Barton Johnson's abstract of "Signs & Symbols":Nabokov & Iconicity [ NABOKOV SYMPOSIUM (July 15-19, 2002) Saint Petersburg] and a quote:"We shall see that Nabokov, the consummate artist, employs these almost subliminal signs and symbols and integrates them into the architecture of his art."

JM: Chance again has popped Aleister Crowley's name before my eyes. In March 3, 2008 his name appeared close to Duchamp's,concerning a discussion about Cammell's adaptation of Pale Fire. Cf. "[Donald Cammell] son of poet and critic Charles Richard Cammell - heir to the Cammell-Laird fortune and biographer of Aleister Crowley ....".
In a site about Fernando Pessoa ( with his translation of Poe's "The Raven"), a reference was made his influence on Crowley's astrological pursuits. It was when I learned that Crowley's nickname was "Besta 666" ( I don't know how comes out in English).
Perhaps the emergence of some such 666 Arabic algarisms in Nabokov might have been used by him as a hint for Crowley or at his theories about the Occult?

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