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Re: great novelist (Lolita, Pale Fire, Pnin) ...

Stan Kelly-bootle is definitely preaching to the converted as far as I'm concerned, though I'm not so sure about Nabokov. After Boyd's very helpfully pointing out that Nabokov did indeed respect Darwin with quibbling differences, I feel I'm begining to see Nabokov's basic 'tudes toward this subject, but I still feel that he has not really worked out his views, as I believe Jansy said a bit earlier: There's Nabokov the scientist, who is a rock-solid evolutionist, and Nabokov the artist, who thinks/feels that things "don't quite" (strong opinions) end with death, and he uses his art to tinker with what he knows about the world to come into line he thinks, hopes, might be possible? Or is this more my take than Jansy's. I'm tempted to launch into some of Van's curious metaphysical thinking as if it were actually N.'s but will refrain.

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