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Triquarterly published a festschrift for Vladimir Nabokov ...
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`To Hide the Ruin of His Dreams' In 1970, *Triquarterly* published a *
festschrift* for Vladimir Nabokov and that's how I first heard of Morris
Bishop, the man responsible in 1948 for hiring the Russian novelist to teach
at Cornell University, where Bishop was professor of Romance literature. In
his 11 years at Cornell, Nabokov wrote, edited or translated *Pnin*, *Lolita
*, *Conclusive Evidence*, *The Song of Igor's* *Campaign*, *Eugene Onegin*,
and various poems, stories and articles on lepidoptera. Bishop and Nabokov
became fond friends, and here's Bishop's summary of the Russian's years in

"On the whole, I think the Cornell years were useful for the artist. He
gained security, time for abundant production, and knowledge of the American
background, which he turned splendidly to account. He immersed himself in
the mainstream of American bourgeois culture, and thus learned a whole
subject-matter. The Cornell experience was a good thing for Nabokov; his
presence was also a very good thing for Cornell."

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