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Re: VN Sighting: Amós Oz
In his book "The story begins" ( 1996), Amós Oz studies the opening paragraphs of several novels or short-stories, detailing what he calls an agreement which is established between the author and the reader, plus the various kinds of fake contracts and unrealiable narrators. When he chose Gogol's The Nose I often felt Kinbote lurking behind his comments as,for example, when he wrote about "anarchic forces ready to ambush the story".
His only reference to Nabokov appeared when he analyzed S.Yizhar's Mikdamot description about the birth of his conscious life. And yet Oz didn't include "Ada, or Ardor", where we read about Van's piece of stucco that fell over his crib and his considerations about the real date of his birth.
A. Oz mentions synaesthesia, but he refers only to VN's "Speak Memory" and then, very rapidly, to illustrate the pressure over memory made by narrative.

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