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Re: THOUGHTS: Versipellis in Despair
A similar phenomena, with the benefit of fairly frequent occurrence, visual
and photographic verification,
And surgical correction by extraction, is the circular pattern of inward
growth of the immense canine fangs of boar and African elephant.

If you ever see it advertised in your area, try to watch the extremely
well-filmed documentary Fangs of Infinity in which the complex surgical
transfer of left and right incisor fangs are accomplished


On 9/19/07 11:28 AM, "Carolyn Kunin" <chaiselongue@EARTHLINK.NET> wrote:

> Dear Matt,
> I believe one of Marina's hallucinations in Ada was that her hair was growing
> into her brain.
> I think this is great stuff (but I would of course)
> Carolyn Kunin
> On Sep 18, 2007, at 7:43 AM, Nabokv-L wrote:
>> The mediaeval theory was
>> that, while the werewolf kept his human form, his hair grew inwards
> !
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