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Dear List, Don, Matt, Myers

While I was looking for a word in a Portuguese Language dictionary, I found the words "estilicídio", "estilicidar" and "estilicidioso". I wonder if "stillicide" might be as "common" (?) in Spanish, in French or Italian...

Estilicidar: to fall in the shape of a drop.
Estilicídio: ( lat. stillicidiu) 1. Any liquid that falls in the shape of a drop; 2. Any among the various rainwater streamlets that drop from the eaves; 3. coryza, cold in the head. (Cf. epífora, lachrimose inflammation of the eyes)

I returned to former List postings on VN's use of "stillicide" in Pale Fire.
Just a sample:

NABOKV-L] THOUGHTS: Stillicide in PF, another source?
Responder a: Vladimir Nabokov Forum <NABOKV-L@LISTSERV.UCSB.EDU>
Data: 16 de Abr de 2007 - 4:48pm
Quoting NABOKV-L :

In line 35 of "PF" Shade uses the word stillicide. Kinbote points us to a definition similar to that in Webster's 2nd (cavesdrop, eavesdrop) and to a poem by Hardy, which turns out to be "Friends Beyond." But doesn't this all seem a bit too easy? I would like to propose, for your entertainment, that VN, via Kinbote, is leading us astray. Rather than pointing to Hardy-- or ONLY to Hardy--VN may also be sending us to another writer and to another concept. Follow: ....

Jansy Mello

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