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Nice Guys Do Finish First ...
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*Issue #1309 (75), Tuesday, September 25, 2007*

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Nice Guys Do Finish First


By Mark H. Teeter

Four of the seminal figures of Russian literature in the second half of the
20th century — Vladimir Nabokov, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Joseph Brodsky and
Vassily Aksyonov — became citizens or long-term residents of the United
States. Bully for us, Americans might say, flattered that their country was
the venue of choice when these world-renowned writers became unwanted by
their homeland. Yet little beyond the simple fact of residence actually
unites this seeming "Russian-American" quartet, whose very different members
worked in very different genres and styles — and harbored very different
feelings about their New World host.
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Mark H. Teeter teaches English and Russian-American relations in Moscow.

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