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Why knowing only English is to be considered a consolation rather than a
circumstance of birth and education?

Maybe for being able to read VN's English novels it is indeed a
consolation -- but for a reader of Pushkin in translation it is just a
"consolation prize".

On the other hand, some Russian translations of VN's English novels (not
in Index) offer no consolation whatsoever.

Victor Fet

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It's humbling and educational to be one of a small minority in a group I
highly respect. Is there even one other participant who speaks and even
reads only one language? My consolation is that my one language is

Mary Krimmel

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Subject: [NABOKV-L] NABOKOV-LIST [THOUGHTS] Translations

Probably most Nabokov-List participants speak more than two or
three languages and have the opportunity to read his writings both in
their original language and then in their translations.

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