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Re: THOUGHTS: Translation, consolation,
and knotting the translation thread
Charles responds to Mary Krimmel's acknowledgment of monolingualism: Somewhere, in some dim past, I remember reading that 70% of the world's population have a sufficient command of at least two languages.... Would anyone care to hazard whether 70%, or more or less, of the world's native English speakers are monolingual?
Dear SES, you didn't say Charles Who wrote the note.

It would be interesting to learn if Arthur Rimbaud, Charles Baudelaire, Vasily Kandinsky, Vladimir Nabokov, Alexander Scriabin, Olivier Messiaen and David Hockney ( famous synaethesists) spoke more than one language and if the colors and sounds varied from when they recalled signifiers in English, French or Russian. VN's rainbow apparently was mainly stable and priviledged individual letters?

vengro@AIM.COM wrote on ..."I put on my popular Lolita-style shoes, called Rocking Horse shoes. Almost three and a half inches in height, the shoe is a Mary Jane with a wooden platform and a block taken out from the back heel. ": Not entirely true. I wear this fashion all the time, and I get more compliments than insults.
I could not picture these platform Lolita-style shoes, nor Lolita wearing them, although I'm familiar with elevated shoes called "Anabela-heel" in Brazil, an astound link with Lolita and Poe I'd never before have imagined ( like ADA's gene evolving from Dea- Zeen and pure Cathay)


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