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they let Nabokov and Borges die (yes, die) ...

fighting words: A wartime lexicon.
Prizing Doris LessingThe Nobel committee finally gets it right.
By Christopher HitchensPosted Monday, Oct. 15, 2007, at 11:56 AM ET
Doris Lessing
Almost intoxicating to see the Nobel committee do something honorable and creditable for a change … It's as though the long, dreary reign of the forgettable and the mediocre and the sinister had been just for once punctuated by a bright flash of talent. And a flash of 88-year-old talent at that, as if the Scandinavians had guiltily remembered that they let Nabokov and Borges die (yes, die) while they doled out so many of their awards to time-servers and second-raters.

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