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Re: THOUGHTS on Canto One and imbibing spirits
[ JM: "there is a point in C.Kunin's observation: why spare Shade from the kind of investigation ( already outlined by VN himself, through Kinbote) Nabokov's other works stimulate commentators to dwell on?]
Sergei Soloviev wrote : ... the point is, probably, not this abstract alternative "spare/not spare". More serious question is how these comments are based on the character, as it was presented by VN, and there is little convincing evidence in case of Shade. What stimulates commentators is an open problem. (Cf. Kinbote.)
JM: In Kinbote's case there is "reason to his madness", I suppose, and we cannot always say the same about some of Shade's other commentators.
As to its being " based on the character" - and I'm certain you mean "fictional character" - I still think that on of VN's choices when creating Kinbote was to stimulate readers also to become "commentators" who will try to question Shade's poem and "self-confessional" indulgencies.

Victor Fet wrote ( responding Matt Roth's posting) the last sentence of Matt Roth's last post, "Strain into an old fashioned glass and serve" scans as Shade's poem's 1000th line (only the rhyme migrated to its beginning)... :)
JM: [Literal minds & rhymes]: "serve into an old fashioned glass and strain" is also strained,even adding lemmon and more inversions. Metaphorically, though, thanks for the welcome "spirit".

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