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Re: QUERY: The Mystery of Dr. Sutton
[EDNOTE. Jerry Friedman responds below to Matt Roth's musings about the
bearish Dr. Sutton. -- SES]

I hope I can bring up my idées fixes as long as it's less than
once a year (for each). As I said in October, 2006,
I think that the two names are Sutcliff and Clifton and that the
contradiction between "saw" and "visualized" is one of the
indications that we shouldn't rely on Kinbote. As the weirdness
of the whole thing may be. Why should Kinbote continue Shade's
merger of the two doctors?

I think it's normal for parents to consult a physician if abnormal
things are happening around their daughter, even though
supernatural manifestations aren't really within a physician's

The part about Ursa Major and Bootes is very interesting. The
Bears and Arcturus are high in the sky in distant northern lands,
and even led to words for the north: "Arctic" and "septentrional".

Not that I can connect it with anything, but you know the
Charles who has the Wain is Charlemagne, right? But for
the presumably relevant Charles, that "tottering" is quite
a coincidence.

Jerry Friedman

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